It’s about time Hawaii’s local photographers and artists have a platform to reach the world with their art.

Hawaii Stock Images is a stock image platform that allows local Artists, Photographers and Videographers (Contributors) to license their images to clients for use in advertising and marketing campaigns, product placement, marketing collateral and websites.

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How it works:

  • The Contributor owns the copyright to their image.
  • A Client licenses the image for usage for a one year unless otherwise negotiated as an “Extended Use” license.
  • Contributors upload their images to the website, which gets marketed to advertising agencies, image buyers and clients worldwide.

Pricing & Commission Structure

  • We have two tiers of Contributors & images; PRIME and INDIE. Images are curated for content, quality and market value.
  • PRIME contributors/images receive a higher commission split (60%) than INDIE (40%), paid monthly based on sales of “licensed images”.
  • Contributors that are selected for PRIME will be contacted directly by our Curators.

How to get started

  • Sign up to be a Contributor
  • Within the first 24hrs of being approved, upload at least 5 images.
    Our Curators will use these to determine the quality of images and your account status.
  • Featured artwork gets pushed through a worldwide marketing campaign

Additional Questions

We have answers for just about any question you’ll have as a prospective Contributor here:

Contributor FAQs