Hawaii Stock Images (HSI) is a unique agency dedicated to the promotion of Hawaii local artists, photographers and videographers.

There are three divisions; HSI: Stock Image Agency, HAPA: Hawaii Artists and Photographers Agency and HAWAII ART MARKET: Artists Merchandise and Products.

  • HSI: Stock Image Agency: Hawaii Stock Images has been organized to provide local artists, photographers and videographers with a cutting edge Stock Image platform to promote and solicit their images and art throughout the world. Our unique online platform, customized upload and delivery system, strategic marketing techniques, defined local focus and international networks maximizes potential for local artists to present, promote and solicit their art, worldwide with minimal effort thereby allowing the talent to focus on the creative process instead of marketing headaches. HSI will feature INDIE (Royalty Free) and PRIME (Content Managed) images for its contracted talent. HSI has also created a “Freelance” portal that allows rising talents to upload and contribute their images and art on a royalty free basis.
  • HAPA: Hawaii Artist and Photographers Agency: HAPA is a subsidiary partner of HSI. Currently, there is no agency dedicated to representation of the local photographers and artists of Hawaii. HAPA was created to fill the void. There are two key focal points to HAPA’s marketing.
  1. Local Development: HAPA will dedicate their local efforts to providing art for commercial and residential properties by promoting HAPA talent and art to local developers, designers, architects, hoteliers, department stores, malls, government agencies, real estate companies, etc. and bulk art buyers throughout the islands.
  2. International Agency: HAPA’s agents will promote local photographers, videographers and artists throughout Hawaii, The United States and Japan. HAPA will assist its talent in organizing their portfolios for presentation and will market the talent through an extensive network of local and worldwide advertising and marketing agencies, media and industry publications.
  • HAWAII ART MARKET: Product Development and Merchandising: Although our primary focus is to promote HSI talent, we also understand that a little bit of extra cash in pocket is a good thing. Therefore, we have created a company that sells artists images and merchandise direct to consumers. We have established API accounts with local and mainland facilities to produce and fulfill small orders. Items will include small prints on metal, canvas and bamboo, selected textile products and “artist choice” gift items. Even if the artist has unique items that they have created, we are capable of promoting and soliciting those products. Through the HSI site API, products are ordered, manufactured and shipped directly to the consumer with no effort required of the artist.

Hawaii Stock Images offers our artists numerous opportunities to promote, market and solicit their art. The Artist can choose to participate in only one of our divisions or all. The key to HSI is we support and represent the artist at the direction of the artist.